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From the Spark to the RXP, we have all the best options here from Sea-Doo to help outfit your shop or serve the needs of your customers. Choose from only the best with this inventory of affordable solutions at the ready.

Fun on the water is synonymous with one name the world over. Known as the leader in personal watercraft, Sea-Doo breaks all barriers to give water fans a fast, exciting, and safe PWC of the highest industry standards. We are pleased to bring you a wide selection of Sea-Doo OEM parts for your customers to continue this long reputation for excellence.

When water lovers are looking for fun in the sun, Sea-Doo is the unrivaled leader for good reason. As the first PWC introduced to consumers in 1968, this brand changed recreational vehicles for the water forever. While their early models had some issues and shortcomings to overcome to satisfy the standards of consumers, the company would be the top choice on the market when they rebranded in 1988. By 1995, they had capture over half the sales for the year on the PWC market. Today, they are still the leader for this type of ride with each new year bringing new innovation to excite newer fans. We are honored to play a role in the legacy of this trusted name with our Sea-Doo OEM parts.

Our inventory of Sea-Doo OEM parts has everything you need to satisfy the needs of customers. We know that no new jet skis are alike which is why our inventory spans several decades and models to bring your customers the right choices. With selections ranging in year from 1996 to the most current lineup, we are confident you will find the right Sea-Doo OEM parts for your shop or customers. We offer a range of years for a few reasons. For starters, we want our shoppers to find the right year on models only produced in that year or in a limited run of years. We also understand that while a model may have several generations, such as the Spark, there are differences between the Spark of 2016 and the same model in a 2018 year. There are also different series within the model which change which parts are right for the machine. We offer a wide range of years, models, and series within each category to help find the right solution for your customers.

We also focus on bringing you a diverse range of part types to ensure the right choice. With options available for every area of the personal watercraft in one convenient place, it’s easier than ever to get the solution your customers need to get on the water. From air intake manifolds to valve trains, our inventory has it all right here. Whether you need an engine block, crankshaft and accompanying pistons, or a new pump, find it all right here with ease and affordability. Give your customers high-quality solutions you can choose with confidence.

Why choose OEM solutions?

  • Optimal performance. Since this term stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, it means the part was made by the same company responsible for making the jet ski. This means the part will perform exactly the way the manufacturer intended for the machine to achieve the optimal performance levels of the model.
  • Meets required specs. The matter of sizing and other related specs is important when replacing any part on any type of vehicle. Since OEM solutions come direct from the manufacturer, you can rest assured all these elements line up correctly so sizing is never an issue.
  • Ensures longevity of part. Since the part is designed to work with the specifics of the individual model, it will help with the longevity of the solution. If you install a part not necessarily made for the exact machine, it may lead to an inferior performance capable of breaking down the part faster.
  • Better peace of mind for your customers. You want to make your customers happy at the end of the day to get repeat business. When you choose high-quality solutions such as Original Equipment Manufacturer solutions, you give customer peace of mind that they are getting the very best for their PWC.